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James E. Folsom Jr.

The following biographical sketch was compiled at the time of induction into the Academy in 1993.

James Elisha Folsom, Jr., was born in Montgomery, Alabama, on May 14, 1949, the son of two-term Governor of Alabama James Elisha Folsom and Jamelle (Moore) Folsom.

Jim Folsom, Jr., received his elementary and high school education in Montgomery and Cullman.

Following graduation from high school he entered Jackson State University, from which institution he received his B.A. degree. While a student at Jacksonville State University, Folsom was initiated into Omricon Delta Kappa, a national honorary fraternity.

At the completion of his college career young Folsom accepted a position with the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations. After a two year stint in this work he was offered and accepted the position of Southeastern Affairs Representative with Reynolds Aluminum Company.

In 1978 Jim Folsom, Jr., was elected a member of the Alabama Public Service Commission. During his first term in this position he was honored with the Outstanding Award in the Field of Utilities Legislation and also the Outstanding Communication Award of the Year.

In 1982 the electorate of Alabama returned him for another term to the important position as a member of the Alabama Public Service Commission.

In 1986 Jim Folsom, Jr., was again called into public service as Lieutenant Governor of his native state and was reelected for an additional term in this powerful office. As President of the Alabama Senate, Folsom extended himself to propose and secure enactment of such acts as would improve the lot of the underprivileged and the aged. In addition he used his considerable influence to pass such legislation as would encourage business and manufacturing interests to establish their offices and plants in Alabama. The Lieutenant Governor may have exerted more of his expertise in the improvement of educational opportunities for all the people of this state, than in any other endeavor while serving in this position.

On April 22, 1993, James Elisha Folsom, Jr., was administered the oath of office as the Governor of the State of Alabama.

Governor Folsom is married to the former Marsha (Guthrie) Folsom, and they are the parents of two children.

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